Design and food go hand in hand and they are inarguably related when it comes to creating atmosphere and character to a restaurant. Gastronomy and food have a clear link to the event, and several selected restaurants will be taking part in the Stockholm Food Tour, combining top-notch cuisine with good design in some of the best restaurants the city has to offer.

Here’s our 2021 pick of restaurants and bars that combine excellent food and hospitality with the best interior design.


High quality, sustainability and gastronomy meet at Agrikultur. The open kitchen and its wood-burning oven is the focus of this homely restaurant with interiors by Daniel Östman. They give a contemporary twist to classic Swedish dishes with top ingredients – the kitchen also hunts, forages, pickles and ferments. Agrikultur is open for dinner Tuesdays through Saturdays.
Address: Roslagsgatan 32


Casual gin bar and mini restaurant in Nytorget, Södermalm is the little sister of Agrikultur. Bar It reaches beyond the boundaries of culinary tradition, while honoring food, flavour, sustainability and community. Come and experience seasonal Swedish produce and their favourite Gin in a warm and social atmosphere.
Address: Skånegatan 79, Stockholm


A fast casual walkin all-day restaurant open every day from lunch through evening. The menu is set around bao – steamed bread with different fillings which originates from China. You build your own meal while choosing from the different fillings. The interior is urban simple but with attitude and humour.
Address: Hornsgatan 66, Stockholm


With innovative interiors and cuisine by acclaimed chefs Marion Ringborg and LinnSöderström Garba offers a new way of eating out in Stockholm. In the morning they serve the most delicious breakfast, followed by a light lunch – you could actually think you are in Venice, Californian – followed by a gastronomic dinner that is both inventive and fresh. Playful and unusual in a very pleasant décor.
Address: Surbrunnsgatan 47, Stockholm


Daytime Studio and Showroom for Gemla Fabrikers. in the early evenings the place turns into a contemporary Wine bar. At Gemla is design, craftmanship and sustainability always the foundation in everything they do. The same solid basics are also valid for the Wine bar. Gemla Vinbar is offering a huge selection of handcrafted organic wines and food cooked with the best local organic ingredients, always in season. Yes, they do serve other beverages as well.
The Vinbar is designed by Interior architect and designer Pierre Sindre in tight co-laboration with the team at Gemla.
Address: Gemla Studio & Vinbar, Magnus Ladulåsgatan 8D, Stockholm


Under the helm of Japanese chef Saori Ichihara Ichi restaurant offers Asian fine dining, in a subdued interior, soberly furnished in different sections. The kitchen offers Nordic ingredients prepared with Japanese cooking techniques. The menu is called Yushoku, which means dinner, and is set dinner for a fixed price.
Address: Timmermansgatan 38B, Stockholm


Luzette is a modern brasserie inspired by classic, international central station restaurants. The menu offers delicious dishes from the rôtisserie and classics with a modern. Breakfast, lunch, coffee break, drink or dinner – from Monday to Sunday from breakfast to midnight. Iconic interiors by Jonas Bohlin heightens the experience.
Address: Centralplan 25, Stockholm

In our hideout among the linden trees at the historic building Oxenstiernska Malmgården on Östermalm lies Restaurang Oxenstiernan.  A restaurant and a creative meeting place between food, drinks and arts and craft. A gathering point where we want to highlight the local, sustainable and natural craftsmanship, farmers and producers that surrounds us. The menu follows the changing of the seasons and we cherish locally grown quality crops by using the whole produce in different creative ways. The interior design and the table setting is designed and produced specially for the restaurant in collaboration with some of Swedens best designers and small scale industries. Quality and sustainability is our main focus in every aspect of the restaurant and we curiously explore new ways of challenging all of your senses.
Address: Oxenstiernan, Storgatan 35 C, Stockholm

Facing each other through large glass windows across the portal, bar and restaurant are connected, yet separate. Portal Bar has a mischievous-younger-brother vibe. Let the dark blue walls, the huge ceiling fresco by Jesper Waldersten and the copper lamps frame the start or end of your night – or the entire evening. Interior design by world famous architect trio Claesson Koivisto Rune. While dishes are doled out from the open kitchen, drinks are mixed and poured behind the grand bar.
Address: St Eriksplan 1, Stockholm


Sankt Eriksplan 1 has been the home of restaurants since the early sixties. In July of 2015 Klas Lindberg took over, and after extensive renovations lasting more than a year the doors were once again opened – this time to Portal.
The focus is on uncomplicated food with clear flavors and the best quality ingredients, and everything is designed to be paired with and heightened by great beverages. A gastronomic yet casual experience in a Scandianvian contemporary brasserie interior by interior architect and designer Jonas Lindvall with natural materials such as oak, leather and natural stone.
Portal is open monday to saturday and is suitable for every occasion, whether it’s an intimate dinner, large gathering, business lunch, spontaneous supper at the bar or just a glass of wine.
Address: St Eriksplan 1, Stockholm


Welcome to Restaurant Nationalmuseum – a gastronomic arena for the art of traditional Swedish cuisine under the management of Fredrik Eriksson. We waant the sense of cultural euphoria you bring with you from museum’s galleries to accompany you into our restaurant and onto your plate. The menu is based on produce from the 55th to 69th parallell, the larder we call Sweden. With hand-picked ingredients from fields, forests, seas, lakes and mountains. The design of the restaurant is all specially designed for the space by an artistic collective under the helm of Matti Klenell, together with Carina Seth Andersson, Gabriella Gustafsson and Mattias Ståhlbom of TAF, and Stina Löfgren. The project is called NM&, developed in close collaboration with museum staff and the restaurateur.
Address: Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2, Stockholm


A casual, friendly restaurant perfectly suited to the trendy SoFo Södermalm. Watch the world go by as you relax with an aperitif on the pavement terrace. The experienced team cook modern European cuisine with dishes that are simple, fresh and full of flavour. Interiors are cool and Nordic, modern yet classic.
Address: Skånegatan 80, Stockholm


Tennstopet has been located at the intersection Dalagatan / Odengatan since 1965, but dates from 1895 when the restaurant was located in Klarakvarteren. Now Tennstopet Grill has opened next door to the mother restaurant, with dining room, bar, wine room and an open kitchen on three levels – and a menu focus on meat, fish and seafood dishes from the grill. Classic yet contemporary brasserie interior with lots of character by Skuggan Architects.
Address: Odengatan 72, Stockholm


Tyge & Sessil, celebrity chef Niklas Ekstedt’s wine café, is all about the underdogs. The wine list consists of natural wines from independent small-scale producers, mainly from areas beyond the famous regions, and made from lesser-known grapes. Don’t miss out on the food; there’s also a small menu of simple and fresh dishes and snacks to go with your drink of choice.
Address: Brahegatan 4, Stockholm